Mulheres da Bíblia: A Ternura e a Fé (Portuguese Edition)

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After all, what is surfeiting? This is indeed a very misunderstood subject in the Christian and even secular. I will be bringing to the light of the scriptures, which is indeed. I advance that it is not the simple act of eating much, or even, eating beyond what is necessary; it is something much deeper. Let's go! For All Scripture, it is possible to find texts and references that deal with surfeiting as being a sin, and a wrong sin. One of the most well-known texts is proverbs , which says: " for the drunk and the gluttonous will be drunk, and the somnolence will wear rags.

But if we take a look at all the biblical references that condemn the surfeiting, we can realize that there will always be other practices involved that are also condemned, such as carousing, idolatries, laziness etc. Luke ; RM ; 1. At First, we interpret surfeiting as the definition I gave at the beginning of the study 2th paragraph. But when reading the nt in the Greek original, we will see that the term used to refer to surfeiting brings a completely different sense to what is taught normally.

In Galatians for example, the Apostle Paul when referring to surfeiting, uses the term " komos ". What do you mean? But what does surfeiting have to do with an orgy? So the bibles that bring the term "surfeiting" in their translations are wrong? I wouldn't say that.

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Pagans will celebrate their gods partying, eating, drinking and drinking. The Greeks, for example, worship the God dionysus, God of wine Drinking a lot of wine at their parties; it was a way to worship him. This consequently generated the drunkenness that in turn generated a lot of eating surfeiting , violence and fornication. This is why, every time the scriptures condemn surfeiting, it is possible to realize that other sins are also condemned together, such as strong, idolatry and sexual immorality.

e-book Mulheres da Bíblia: A Ternura e a Fé (Portuguese Edition)

They are condemned because they are part of the same context. Therefore, the bibles that bring the term "surfeiting", are not with the wrong fact translation. Eating too much doesn't do well, that's obvious, as well as being sedentary or drinking drinks. But these are not sins! See below, the same references in different versions: 1. At that time you lived in debauchery, sensuality, drinking, orgies and binges, and in disgusting idolatry. I warn you, as before, that those who practice these things will not inherit the kingdom of GOD.

Can you understand beloved brother? The condemned condemned in the Bible is part of a whole package where there are other sins involved and bound. But please, I don't want you after reading this study, you go around eating wildly for knowing that eating too much is not a sin. Remember that your health thanks you! May the lord bless you richly! Sole Scriptura! Only Gratia! Only fide! Solus Christ! Soli Deo Glory! Answer: in Matthew , Jesus referred to sins and personal transgressions committed particularly against a brother, and which have not yet become public knowledge.

However, in the case of 1 Corinthians , sin had already become public, that is, it was knowledge of everyone - if it came to Paul's ears, it is because there is no longer a private and secret matter. The Scandal had already happened. There was no more to do to solve the problem "behind the scenes". It is worth remembering that Paul had already warned the church about how to deal with cases of immorality 1 CO Another thing I must mention, is that the context leads us to conclude that this sin had been committed for some time and That there was no disciplinary process by the leadership of the church, because Paul rebuke these Christians for being superb and indifferent to sin 1 CO Surely, the lack of discipline has worse the situation, and did With sin to become public in the greatest naturalness; "if there is no rebuke, then it's okay to practice", that's what the person probably thought.

So, in that case, only excommunication would solve! Por Thiago da Silva Vieira. Renounce our whims and sinful luxuries that we like, to please an invisible being that we do not see and hear literally, is something at least challenging! Thank God it is the holy spirit who empowers us for such a task! Advice to young people Unfortunately, we live in a time where the truth has been increasingly relativized.

Especially when it comes to sacred things. What the word of God clearly calls sin, our generation faces with a lot of natural as if it were normal, and worse, has sought more and more, to stimulate such practices.

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One of these practices that our generation has applied to its bel pleasure, is fornication; the act of practicing sex outside marriage. Our generation has seen sex as something legal and allowed to all people, in all civil states. Big media contribute strongly to this trivialization, because they produce in their movies, series and novels, situations where boyfriends, engaged or hookups, relate sexual, betray their partners, etc. In the light of the scriptures, there is no other name to give to this practice, besides sin.

It's a sinful practice for several reasons. I'll enlighten some. God established the sex to be practiced only within the marriage and only with the spouse with whom the marriage alliance was established Therefore, who does not follow this principle, by relate to someone who is not officially yours Spouse, is in disobedience, and disobey God is a sinful attitude. They act like animals, because when sexual desire visits them, they do not hold back and leave for the act.

Different from the married, who have their partners lawful and who therefore can indulge their desires in an acceptable way to God, the fornicators do not accept their condition which should be of withdrawal and prefer to follow their sinful and rebel hearts, instead of following the Wise advice of the Lord.

Sex becomes a God for the fornicators, for somehow their lives depend on it, entirely or partially. And worse, they don't want to abandon this god that was built.


Fornication becomes a kind of idolatry that in practice, is brainteaser to be abandoned. The Word of God says that those who let himself be overcome by their passions and rampant, are those who do not know him 1 TS The fornicators do not know God, therefore they do not serve him, and this Spiritual State of life is a sinful posture. Anyway, I could give a multitude of reasons that make it clear that fornication is a sin, but I will limit myself to only those who I want from heart, ask you to read me right now, to paraphrase what apostle Paul said to Timothy 2 TM : Escape from fornication!

She hurts the holy word, sad the Lord and still enslaves what practice it. The act may look good at the moment it's done, but then, all destructive effects come out. The fornicators have a hard heart for the word of God, for it condemns their sin - and no sinner, by nature, likes to be reprimanded. So they do not receive it gladly and are not freed by her, remaining slaves of sin.

Some, when they are in a situation where there is no way to practice the act perhaps for the absence of a partner , use other paths, such as pornography and masturbation which are also sins. I ask in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to follow my advice! Satan tries to make us believe that it is okay to relate sexual to that he is not our legitimate spouse, after all, "we have desires and we must cut them".

Manual Mulheres da Bíblia: A Ternura e a Fé (Portuguese Edition)

I know what I'm talking about my brothers, because I lived it in the skin Before being converted to Christ, I was a great fornicator. Although I am not promiscuous and preserve an ethics for in my head, I had sex with only my girlfriends , I was too much and did not care about divine precepts, even if deep down I was bothered. This is one of the things for which I most regret doing, because today I see and understand how I sad the Lord.

But Thank God, that in Christ Jesus, he saved me and set me free from my sin and my conscience dark and blinded by the God of this century 2 CO Once again I say: run! And I add: run to Christ when tempting and temptation come. They love you lovingly! Just Scriptura! Parte 2 Por Randy Booth Little children should participate in worship to the Lord? Part 2 By Randy booth Parents should clearly establish the rules of behavior for their children, as well as help them understand why they are in worship.

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During the process of this training the children will inevitable lines and will need more teaching, condemnation, correction and instruction in justice 2 TM I mentioned in the introduction that congregations " should rejoice to hear the noise of children in Your middle ". Parents with very small children, or those with children in the process of being trained, should sit next to the door and be prepared to quietly leave the sanctuary, if their children start to cry, or otherwise they will.

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