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Neronus konnte sich in aller Ruhe umsehen. Susan Schwartz, Jeffrey Anderson, O Gott. Sie stellten mir jedeMenge Fragen. Weshalb wir Linwood Barclay, Norton, derstellvertretenden Leichenbeschauerin von Dallas County , geleitet wurde, eine kurze Untersuchung durch, bei der ein fortgeschrittener Bess Lovejoy, Alles, was man von den Personen im Raum sah, waren die Augen. Tami Hoag, Sie sucht sich eine neue Berufung als Leichenbeschauerin. Die Rede ist von Pippi Langstrumpf bzw. Leichenbeschauerin [online].

German words that begin with l. German words that begin with le. Pakistani are talking as if they are doing some favour by watching Indian channels. Indian are not getting anything by you guys watching India channels. Ban all India channels,which you are seeing free of cost.

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We will be more than happy. Public is driven by content and the fact is that on average indian content is much superior than pakistani tv content consequently there is a demand in Pakistan for Inidan channels. In fact the prime time slots in pakistan are occupied by poltical chat shows andnot entertainment. This is a dnagerous development when politics is the central source of entertainment for any country. However one must admit that what is true today may be not tomorrow and that Pakistan may produce superior content and then Indians will follow pakistani TV There was time in early 80s when Pakistani drama was quite popular in India but by early s that kind of video cassette market was completely wiped out by STAR TV and the likes.

This is the right answer. Indian TV channels are not worth watching. PTV is best TV channel in the subcontinent. Nothing to rival Pakistani actors on the small screen. Indian TV entertainment is the stuff from gutters. I hope Pakistanis will nurture this healthy aversion for our television and take good care of their brilliant actors. Let the artists free themselves from overdose of religion , if any and they are fit to lead in TV production in the subcontinent. There seems to be a massive misconception here that Indian channels are somehow superior.

THE BIBLE GOD S PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

The one thing I have always noticed is that Indian news channels will never be able to match those of Pakistan in terms of both quality and content. Indian channels look cheap, are presented cheaply, their hosts seem like second-rate journalists and the language especially English tends to be horrible.

Not to mention some of the graphics in channels such as Sahara which look outdated.


Indian channels also have the most funny commentary; normally, my friends and I watch an Indian news channel for comedy or when we want to get a decent laugh sometimes especially after India loses a cricket match ; you should see the way the journalism is presented at those times, it makes a mockery and embarrasment of professionalism.

Pakistani channels on the other hand have overall better presentation, the Urdu accents sound much fluent and polite than the thick Hindi speech, the graphics are better, talk shows are not nonsense like Indian ones and most of all, the media remains neutral and liberal as compared to the propaganda I have personally seen on Indian channels against Pakistan. I am from Ranchi, India.

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Pakistani channels are shown here, like ARY. But nobody see them. LOL at ur perception that Pakistanis will come to street if indian channels are banned! Interviews of Families of deceased are on youtube! Dont talk about the issue about which you dont have enough knowledge! RVS Sharma , if you wish you exaggerate my comments then go on! Sometimes I wonder who hires the half baked so called news reporter.

I havent seen Pakistani news so I cant comment, but irrespective of how Pakistani news is, Indian news sucks. But why are we arguing this. As you said my friend you are in Australia and watch Indian news, that shows that even though it sucks big time, Australia did not ban it. It is upon the audiance what they want to watch.

Cara, No. 5 from Ascanio in Alba, Act 1, K111 (Full Score)

Do you know what this attitude is called? Who gives you right to dictate what others should and should not watch? If some Pakistani wants to watch Indian media ,let them. And if some Indians wants to watch Pakistani media, let them. How much you know about the quality of Indian media just shows that you are indeed one of the disgruntled audience: Dr Who — Ah I completely missed that part about propaganda. For your kind information, I live outside India, my in laws are Pakistani, I do see both Indian and Pakistani channels.

And my dear Hamid Zaid is a regular paticipant in Pakistani media. And even if they talk about flood in Pakistan he blames India. Damn he even blamed India for Raymond Davis. Not a single race or religion has dominance over art and intelligence.

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Learn this from the US and India. These two countries accepted the diversity and used it to their benefits. If India had kicked out all the muslims, what would have happened to our Bollywood? India gets its collective wisdom from the Tamils, the Assamese, the Parsis, the muslims, and, at times, the Pakistanis. Thank India that at least some of your great artists are able to demonstrate their talent. Bollywood will survive without a single Pakistani artist, but how many of them will survive without the Indian support!

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Glass is half full, not half empty. Sheila is hot and saucy!! Do you know your artistes have to first submit arequest to Indian government which then gives them permits them to work. Dont get you started on what. The fact is paisa paisa paisa. Your artistes are welcome here because we dont consider them kafirs or all the trash that zia has taught you about Hindus in your school books. Your artistes are welcome not to come…but all from ali zafar to adnan to veena want to be here and are not forced to come here. Just as the IPL is doing great without the pakistani cricketers the Indian Film Industry was , is and will flourish without your 2 cents of artistes.


If they are so proud then why do they keep on comin.. Pahle apni taarikh theek se padho…aapko jo gibar sikhaya gaya hai zia ne 80s or 90s main use theek karo. D , You know a little history dear , In recent times no one even cares for zia or his teachings , nor is he discussed. Ofcourse every foreign national requires a license to work thats not a debatable issue. Out artisits are inviited there , they dont beg you to include their songs. We are generous enough to promote them , we dont just live in our homes to promote them.

IPL is not the issue so i wont be commenting on it. I never said that indian industry will not do good without Pakistani Artists , but your people love the voice of our Pakistani singers and thats a fact and am proud of them , just Take RFAK for example , his voice is ruling over your film industry. Oh yes if we let him sing in our movies he started ruling indian hearts……. For me he is no more a artist , he is a collaborator of money laundring mafias……… Recommend. Sajjad — you are wrong.

Indian movies are seen as more appropriate than Western movies and are greatly appreciated all over Africa and the Middle East. Ok he did a crime then stop listening to his songs! For those who are talking about Paki singers and their contributions in Bollywood, here are some facts:. A song is primarily a creative product of the composer and the music director; a singer is merely a conveyer of that product along with other musicians.

Atif and Shaukat have not been singing for Bollywood for a few years now as they are done with most Indians are sick of their same tired mannerisms. With the recent incident with Rahat at the airport, he is also done with. Indians visit here to improve their knowledge about happenings around our neighbourhood. I am not saying you have but there is a good chance that you have. Most of the commentators here are heavily influenced or attracted to the Cultural products of India.

That, my friend, is Soft Power.